Our Equipment

Plant Business

  • Super Carrier IV, V

    These are next-generation specialty vehicles newly developed by Germany-based Goldhofer AG. They are the first ones in Japan! We have vehicles with five axles, four axles, and three axles, eight of each kind, giving us a total carrying capacity of 4,312 tons. With a compact container size (unloaded vehicle weight: 25.3 tons, vehicle width: 2,430 mm), marine and overland transport has become even easier.

  • Super Carrier VI

    This is a sixth-generation specialty vehicle with a wide, stable base. We have two vehicles, each with four axles, with a carrying capacity of 320 tons. Super Carrier VI makes up for insufficient fields of Super Carrier IV and V's fields, and we use this for a wide range of transport.

  • Multi-Axle Automated Vehicle

    This vehicle, with a carrying capacity of 200 tons, can handle many kinds of cargo, including heavy equipment, mainly casks at nuclear power plants. Moreover, the vehicle can be easily segmented, making transportation simple for deployment anywhere in Japan.

  • Super Table Lift I, II

    Each table lift has a lifting capacity of 250 tons. A great variety of work is made possible by operating eight lifts together.

  • Super Lift V, VI

    These are gate-style jack lifts that enable reduced costs and shorter construction periods. They show their might in loading, unloading, moving, and installing heaving cargo.

  • Mini Lift I, II

    These lifts pack strength in a compact size. They are useful for many purposes.

  • Aero-Carrier

    This is a self-propelled conveyance system that moves heavy objects by raising them with air.

Port Business

  • Straddle carrier

    Straddle carriers are used for carrying containers in and out and for main ship work (movement between the side of the ship and the yard).

  • Side lifter

    Side lifters are forklifts used exclusively for empty containers. The forklift in the photo is currently working at Honmoku Pier in Yokohama.

  • Toplifter

    A toplifter has four hydraulic jacks installed at the top of the framework. It is used to take out and store empty containers in the van pool.

  • Tug master

    The tug master is a specialty forklift developed for loading and unloading RO/RO vessels. It can pull a usual forklift and trailer, and has a height of 2,850 mm so that it can go into ships with low clearance.

  • Gantry crane

    This is a machine for loading and unloading containers on a container ship.

  • Tired transfer crane

    This is a machine for loading and unloading when temporarily storing containers in a yard.

  • Rail mounted transfer crane

    This is a machine for loading and unloading when temporarily storing containers in a yard.

  • Tractor head

    Tractor heads are vehicles used solely for moving containers within a yard.

Logistics Business in Japan

See “Our Vehicles and Systems” on the website of UTOC Logistics Corporation.

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