Logistics Business


We leverage our wide ranging network both domestically and internationally to handle a diverse range of cargo, from sensitive fresh produce requiring temperature control to extremely heavy cargo such as steel materials or power generators, to provide the optimal transportation solution.
We always think of our customers and carry out the job safely and reliably with that first in mind.

  • Logistics planning

    We plan the optimal logistics solution to meet our customer's needs based on our abundant experience and track record.
    We propose high quality, safe, and reliable logistics services.

  • Customs operations

    Authorized as an authorized customs broker under AEO certified.
    With thorough compliance, we carry out speedy and appropriate customs processing leveraging our expert knowledge in trade.

  • Warehouse operations

    We handle all three temperature ranges (frozen, cooled, and room temp) at Keihin port. We use battery powered forklifts in the warehouses in our aim to operate ecological and high quality warehouses that are good for both the freight and the environment.

  • Warehouse management system

    We carry out accurate and efficient barcode management of freight using our KURA warehouse management system that we developed in-house to propose logistics improvements that meet our customers' needs.

  • Transportation management system

    We have installed the Quatro operation management system for container transportation, with a system enabling us to check the transportation status of over 150 containers per day in a timely fashion.

  • Efforts toward safety

    We have obtained ISO 39001 certified, the international standard for road transportation safety management systems. We work to improve our safety management system with a target of zero accidents in transportation.

  • Logistics services you can rely on

    We provide safe and thorough logistics services, including land transport using our own chassis and trucks, maritime shipping within the UTOC/MOL group, and loading and unloading work.

  • Multimodal transport

    We are capable of total coordination that includes not just domestic arrangements, but transport, unloading, and installation at overseas factories in using maritime shipping and in cooperation with our overseas locations.

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