We leverage our diverse port, logistics, and plant services, plus the MOL Group's network, to handle our customers' transport needs down to the utmost detail.

UTOC's Services

Our company was founded in 1890 as a pioneer in the heavy goods transportation industry. Since that beginning, we have continued to provide diverse transportation services in numerous fields, including port operation, logistics, and plant construction.

In our Port Business, as port operation professionals, we provide integrated operations from ship space booking and import/export customs clearance to delivery to the designated location.
In our Logistics Business, we make use of our warehouses, rolling stock, and overseas network to provide intermodal services that meet our customers' needs down to the utmost detail, from the selection of optimal means of transport to total cost savings.
In our Plant Business, we draw on our many years of experience and our proven track record in the transportation of heavy goods to provide safe and reliable services, from design and planning to implementation control, in the areas of transport, installation, and maintenance related to the construction of power plants, and petrochemical and chemical plants.

Finally, we make use of our collective strengths in port, logistics, and plant operations to demonstrate our capabilities in all directly managed, integrated operations services provided by the UTOC Group, including the unloading of heavy cargo, overland transport, barge transport, loading of specialized ships, and the transportation and on-site installation of equipment.

Port Business

We carry out main ship work for many types of ships including container ships, car carriers, break bulk vessels, and roll-on/roll-off (RO/RO) vessels, and provide safe and reliable port operations in cooperation with terminal operations. We also cooperate with dockside warehouses, booking ship space, handling import/export customs clearance, and arranging import/export around the world and delivery to the designated location.

Logistics Business

We provide safe and reliable logistics services, including import/export, customs clearance, and warehousing of all kinds of items as well as marine, overland, and intermodal transport using our plentiful transport vehicles and extensive network. We use a comprehensive system that allows our Group to coordinate everything from loading and unloading work to transportation and on-site installation to plan the most suitable logistics to meet our customers' requests.

Plant Business

We provide safe and reliable plant services in all kinds of industries, including general construction of power plants, petrochemical and iron-making plants, bridges, and many other kinds of facilities. We utilize diverse specialized equipment and a high level of technical competence to handle the equipment to deal with a wide range of construction projects and provide total management of all processes, from design and planning to maintenance management.

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