Plant Business


We propose even better plans that combine our many years of experience and our proven track record with the latest cutting edge equipment to provide safe and reliable work in the areas of transport, installation, and maintenance related to the construction of power plants such as thermal power, nuclear power, or wind power plants, and petrochemical and chemical plants.

  • Pre-survey/installation planning

    We propose the designing and planning of rational and efficient work that meets our customers' needs while adding new improvements to our rich experience gathered over many years.

  • Transport/installation of heavy goods

    We make full use of our company's special vehicles and equipment to realize the optimal transport for the installation environment for heavy goods with numerous specifications.

  • Cask transport

    For nuclear power plants, we use a special transport container (the cask) to transport spent fuel and radioactive solid wastes within the plant.

  • Power plant maintenance

    Based on a policy of safety and reliability, we carry out equipment inspection and maintenance and major equipment renewal for various power plants, as well as construction related to decommissioning of nuclear reactor at Fukushima.

  • Bridge erection and dismantling

    Our company's special vehicles and equipment are put to great use in the erection of new bridges and the renewal of existing bridges for various transportation infrastructure, supporting Japan's domestic transportation network.

  • Plant construction/maintenance (domestic)

    Our company's special equipment is also put to great use in the construction and maintenance of plants, such as petrochemical plants, providing efficient construction and installation.

  • Plant construction/maintenance (overseas)

    Our company has received great praise for construction and installation that meets our customers' challenging requirements in the construction and maintenance of petrochemical plants overseas as well.

  • Business activities in the South East Asia

    We are aiming to expand the number of orders for plant construction and maintenance in the South East Asian region with the establishment of a new presiding company in August 2013.

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