Port Business


Centered on the ports of Keihin (Tokyo, Yokohama, Kawasaki), Chiba, and Ibaraki, we carry out main ship loading and unloading for container ships, car carriers, conventional ships, roll-on/roll-off (RO/RO) vessels, and heavy goods ships, and operate container and RO/RO vessel terminals under the direction of major shipping companies such as Mitsui O.S.K. Lines,Ltd. At the same time, we provide an integrated operation from ship space booking and import/export customs clearance to delivery to the designated location.

  • UTOC works safely

    UTOC has a long tradition of working safely, and being reliable when our customers leave the work up to us, and we work hard to strengthen our safety and health system and raise the safety awareness of our employees.

  • Unloading break bulk cargo

    We provide integrated support, from the unloading of break bulk goods, such as items used or removed from plants or power plants, through ship space booking, customs clearance, land transportation, and installation.

  • Car carrier loading operation

    Dedicated drivers exercise their high level skills by driving the cars from to the car carrier ramp way one at a time, lining them up in the lot with barely a gap promptly.

  • RO/RO vessel terminal operation

    We carry out terminal operations at the ports of Yokohama and Ibaraki for the North American, European, and Chinese shipping routes of shipping companies that operate the world's largest RO/RO vessels.

  • Bonded warehouse and Port facilities operation

    We operate port facilities adjacent to terminals and wharfs where we handle import and export CFS cargo as well as break bulk cargo with the heavy equipment we keep on site.

  • Container terminal operations

    As a leading container terminal operator at the Keihin port, we carry out planning for loading and unloading operation and work supervision with our high performance system.

  • Maintenance operations

    We back up our safety and reliability by carrying out the repair, cleaning, and inspection of terminal loading and unloading equipment and containers.

  • Van pool operations

    We operate van pools in the Ohi and Honmoku regions, with services for the storage, loading, unloading, repair, and cleaning of empty containers.

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